Thursday, February 09, 2006

Who are You?

This blog gets visitors from all around the world (Jamaica, England, USA, Canada, Denmark...), and I'm quite sure you have something interesting you can tell us about eating raw - even if you are like I used to be and hardly eat ANY vegetables! Tell us why you do or do not eat raw vegetables. I didn't eat them because I thought they were mostly bitter and uninteresting. Plus, who has room for vegetables after drinking a liter of Pepsi and downing a bag of Ruffles with dip?

If you do eat raw vegetables, what kinds do you like the most? Is it easy to get organic vegetables in your location? Is raw eating catching on in your area? How often do you find yourself shopping for raw produce? Do you eat more fruits than vegetables? Tell us whatever you want us to know by clicking on the link with the word COMMENTS right below this post .

By the way, today I decided to place a little poll in the side bar to the right- if you scroll down a bit you'll see that I am asking all of you about your raw food "time status." Are you not raw at all? Raw for a few months? Raw for a few years? Let us know. It's completely anonymous, if are concerned about that.

Talk to you later!




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