Tuesday, February 21, 2006

February 21st - Almost Two Months Eating Raw!

(Photo: frozen berries)

I find that now that I'm counting points I'm a little more free with the type of food I eat. I'm eating more fats again - avocado, olive oil and raw cheese in the same meal, for example. But I'm still eating around 1300 calories or less a day, it appears (at least I'm consistent). I'm going to continue using sparkpeople.com to tally my nutrients for a little while so I can see if, over time, there really is a difference in how much I eat when I count points vs. calories.

A New Question
My current interest in the world of raw food is the difference between alkaline and acidic foods (and an alkaline or acidic body). What does each term actually mean, both in scientific and practical terms? I have an article about it but I haven't had time to get deeply into it yet. However, if any of you have knowledge about alkalinity vs. acidity, I'd love to hear what it is you know or have heard. Which one is good? Which is bad? What has been your experience with these conditons? Why should I care more now about them than I did while eating the Standard American Diet?
UPDATE: just found this post on the topic that readers might find interesting. I'm not saying it's wrong or right, but I'm all about reading people's takes on this topic: khailil


Spinach Salad
9 points

5 Medjool dates
6 points

Spinach Salad (minus the olive oil)
Kiwi fruit, 1
7 points

Humongous carrot
0 points

TOTAL POINTS: 22 (That's gonna have to be it. I'm too full to eat any more food today!)




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