Wednesday, February 15, 2006

February 15th- A Little Weight Glitch This Week?

Today something new happened: I took my midweek sneak peek at the scale and found myself UP two pounds! Since January 1st I've been steadily losing weight or staying the same each time I weigh in. However, I can't say I'm upset about the gain. First of all, I stick to a once-a week weigh-in right now, and today ain't my weigh-in. Second of all, I feel very positive about the foods I've been eating and I know that any weight gain I may experience isn't caused by bingeing, fast foods, candy, or Pepsi. In fact, I made it through Valentine's Day without even thinking about eating chocolate, despite buying some for my sweetie. It's amazing to me how thoroughly I've been able to immerse myself into a raw way of eating. So I'm totally curious to see how this week's official weigh-in turns out. I feel like a science experiment! But a fun one.

A raw sushi note: I've discovered that grated raw yams makes a great substitute for rice. It is dry enough that it doesn't cause the nori to get any more moist than rice would, and its flavor is mild enough that it doesn't detract from the other flavors. The photo above is of the new sushi I'm making now. I throw lots of things into it. This one has yam, carrots, taboule and avocado!

Smoothie: banana, OJ, mango, raspberries

LUNCH (salad)
Whole Foods Raw Nuts/Seeds Mix (estimated cals), 0.13 cup
Green Giant Spring Mix Salad, 2 cup
Sweet Corn, 1
Avocados, California (Haas), 0.2
Blue Cheese, 1.5 oz

DINNER (Sushi)
Yams, 1 cup, cubes
Carrots, raw, 0.5 cup, grated
Scallions, raw, 1 small (3" long)
Avocados, California (Haas 3 oz
Nori, 2.5g sheet, untoasted,

UPDATED to include a little midnight snack of one sushi roll (same as above but without the avocado)

Calories 1,268 carbs 177 Fat 45 Protein 30




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