Monday, February 13, 2006

February 13th - Hunger Headache!!!

How Can I Not Eat When I'm STARVING?
As I type this, close to midnight, I am FAMISHED. I haven't eaten enough today due to all of the studying I have to do. And because it's so late, I can't make myself a shake or I'll wake everyone up. I guess I'll find something boring, like carrots! Times like these are rough. I've never had an equivalent experience on SAD, where I was hungry but felt picky about what to eat. "Back then" my only criteria for not eating something at midnight was if it caused heartburn. Now that I eat raw, I find myself going for hours without eating because I have no cravings for anything. I look up and I've missed lunch or skipped dinner without realizing it. And then late at night when I am starving I still find myself debating what to eat, like a crazy woman! I'm going to go forage in the refrigerator. Maybe I'll have some dates. I'll list them below order to make it a done deal. (Good thing, because my head is killing me!)

Despite my skipping meals, I think my friend in Ohio who is a nurse would say I'm doing all right in the calorie range. I always keep her concerns in mind when I look at my calories after I've eaten all my meals. "What would Pam say?" I ask.


Two new aches/pains since January 1st, 2006
Since the increase in my study load, I've found myself sitting for hours at a time. This has wreaked habit with my hip, to the point where sometimes I can't walk for a few minutes due to extreme pain. Back before I lost 200 lbs the first time around, I had a similar problem, but not with pain- just discomfort. It feels like my hip is dislocating, but that its exacerbated by my lack of physical activity as well as by my weight. As I lost that original 200 lbs, the problem went away completely, so I hate to go to the doctor just to hear, "you're morbidly obese and need to lose weight!" I already know that!

I also have a pain in my foot, along the top. It doesn't impede my walking at all so I tend to ignore it, but it's been there on and off for about three weeks. I attribute most aches and pains to my weight but I might go get that checked out since I don't understand it.

OH- I almost forgot to add that I found out that if I get bloodwork done, I'll have to pay for it. If I can afford it, I'm going to go ahead and do it because I think it's important for my raw food lifestyle. I also found out the my insurance provides free consultations with a nutritionist, so I plan to pay her a visit. I don't know if she's an advocate of raw foods, but we shall see!


BREAKFAST (Smoothie)
Banana, mango, blueberry smoothie - YUM!

LUNCH (More like a snack!)
1 banana
Whole Foods Raw Nuts/Seeds Mix (estimated cals), 0.25 cup

Taboule 1 cup
Raw Blue Cheese, 1 oz
Green Giant Spring Mix Salad, 2 cup

4 Medjool dates (they're pretty big)

Calories 1,381 Carbs 203 Fat 36 Protein 27


kgergis said...

I came across your blog and I'm sorry to say it but how is this considered lunch: 1 banana
Whole Foods Raw Nuts/Seeds Mix (estimated cals), 0.25 cup

Keep up the good work of eating healthy but wow! You need to eat to be healthy! I dont know how all that totaled 1300 calories at all.

You should maybe ask more doctors for help, bc as much as obesity is a problem in the US, anorexia and starvation are possibly even bigger problems and the healthcare industry and doctors dont always seem to know a healthy balance. Good luck.

RK said...

kgeris i think you are very naive in your comments. I am not a 100% raw foodist but i eat very healthy and incorporate a lot of vegetable and fruit juices/smoothies into my diet. I wish the world would not revolve around calories. Your body tells you when you are hungry and if you feed it nutritious and clean food it goes a much longer way then an equivalent bloody big mac. When you are hungry again your body will tell you. As long as you carfully listen to what your body tells you will get the nutrients you need and dont have to calorie count.

Doctors especially GP's are the worst kind, they are so ignorant in nutrition and the way the human body works. We may have grown up on a thousand years of cook food but it doesnt mean its the best stuff for you. Another thing everyone is different. Some people can go a whole lifetime and eat what they want and be okay to a ceratin point, other can't so you cannot judge one persons path based on especially what a whole load of stupd tradiitonal doctors are saying. They are usually the ones who sit there sipping bucket loads of coffeee during the day and asking for increaing pay rises for shoving out pills and rubbish that are slowly killing the nation.



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