Thursday, February 23, 2006

What I ate on my Raw Birthday

(Photo #1: raw Lasagna from the Go Raw Café)

This is not really a review of the Go Raw Café- it were, I'd have the real names of the meals and a much more descriptive vocabulary, but I'm no food reviewer. However, I can say that I heartlily endorse the Go Raw Café and recommend it to anyone interested in tasty, healthy meals done up in an imaginative way. I've put a link to it in the sidebar to the right, in the "My Favorite Places" section, so you can go right to their webpage. (If you are able to visit them, please tell me what you had and how you liked it!) My girlfriend and I went there for an early birthday lunch. She ordered the lasagna. We both liked it, ( but we agreed that there wasn't very much lasagna on the plate!). It came with garlic bread but we weren't sure at first that she'd gotten any- until we saw two tiny triangles of something on the plate that must have been it. These pieces of living bread didn't taste especially garlicky, but they were good.

(Photo #2: "Veggie Cotta" from the Go Raw Café)

I chose the "Veggi-Cotta", which were like enchiladas, only with what seemed to be more of an Italian flavoring. The "ricotta cheese" was made from almond paté. My girlfriend couldn't really detect the almond flavoring, but I could detect the subtle nuttiness- I liked it. There was a side dish of zucchini strips with a very well-herbed combination of other chopped-up vegetables.

Photo #3: Ginger Brew at the Go Raw Café
I drank 'John's Ginger Brew" (I think that's what it was called). I liked the strong ginger aroma and flavor, although my girlfriend didn't think it tasted stongly of ginger at all. Overall, we enjoyed our meals and wish we could have gotten more for our money. However, we have to admit that you do get full quickly on these entrées. Neither of us could finish- especially because we knew we wanted dessert!

(Photo #4: blueberry pie from the Go Raw Café)

My girlfriend chose a blueberry pie that was reminiscent of cheesecake. It was really good- the texture, everything about it. Both of us agreed that we never would have guessed it was a raw recipe. However, I think my choice was even tastier: a mousse-like carob pie.

Photo #5: carob pie from the Go Raw Café

The carob pie had a rich texture and flavor, and the crust was chewy with a mild flavor (the same crust appeared to be used for both pies). Neither the crust nor the chocolate part were overly sweet. I could tell it wasn't chocolate, which was fine with me- I like carob quite a bit. I tried hard to eat the whole thing but had to leave some behind, it was so rich. And that was despite the fact that I only ate half of my entrée.

One of the owners explained that the "mousse" portion of the pie contained only carob, avocados and dates- nothing more! Mmmmm.....

Thanks, everyone, for all of the nice birthday wishes and recipe ideas and medicinal advice! Because this blog is mirrored at two sites, I'll combine all of the input into a post for all to see at either location - but I can't do it tonight because I've gotta study!


There is no tally of points for today- I don't have time to try to figure it out. I suspect, however, that I didn't eat more than a couple more points than I have been eating this week (so I would guess 31 or so points). And that's only because of the fat content from the pie and the almond paté.

Ginger Brew
Carob Pie

Remainder of veggie-cotta. OK, and the other half of the lasagna, too!
(Hey- she had gastric bypass surgery! Someone had to eat the other half!)





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