Thursday, January 05, 2006

What can $36 buy a raw foodist at Whole Foods Market?

Here’s the cost of some items from Whole Foods Market- a great resource for raw foodists.

People wonder what it costs to eat a raw food diet. As a beginner, I’m learning this myself. I try to get my foods as cheaply as possible, but someone bought some items as a surprise for me from the Whole Foods Market. They’re a bit expensive compared to the grocery store, and since I’m on a student’s budget I won’t be buying the more expensive stuff too often. However, it’s nice to see how much they cost:

Mango 2/3.00

Papaya 1.85

Organic Wild Rice 5.99 8 oz.

Raw Trail Mix 3.69 4 oz.

Sea Salt pouch 3.99

Flaxseed crackers 3.69

Sprouted fenugreek 1.99 8 oz.

sprouted mixed beans 1.99 6 oz.

Taboule salad 3.29 6 oz. (I have two- 6 oz is too small!)

Hummus 3.19 (pint)




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