Saturday, January 07, 2006

Calling all African American Raw Foodists!

Are you out there? It would be nice to exchange information and experiences. Although many of our issues are no different from those of non-African Americans, some issues are specific to culture, or to health issues such as changes in skin and hair. It would be nice to exchange information and support. And if such an active place already exists, hook us in!!



joel said...

One of the better results I saw from my fasting experience was that I have more self control over my eating habits. I have always been a binge type of eater. After my fast, I felt like I could restrain myself easier. It is proberbly a mental attribute. I mean I can go without eating for 7 days then I sure can keep myself from eating something I shouldn't.
Link to this site. diet

Lacewing said...

I have found Renee Loux Underkoffler's book, Living Cuisine to be helpful and inspiring. I too am an overweight, African-American woman making the move towards a more raw encompassed lifestyle.

Monique Yvette said...

I know I am a little late, but I am 27, A.A. and live in Los Angeles. I am currently on the Master Cleanser and have 21 days left, then I will Raw. I don't know if I will be 100% raw, cause I do loves my ceviche!!!!

Erika said...

Raw power!!! I hope you have found success I am fumbling into complete rawness got my dehydrator, my vitamix. food processorr... I wish you the best and continual blessings on your journey to a pure and effervescent self

Christina said...

I'm responding to your African American raw foodists post. Well, here I am. There are some things that I run across on the raw sites and "expert" interviews that send my radar off. At times like these, I wish I could connect with like mindeded trully enlightened people- and sometimes I think that enlightenment takes form in someone whose skin color has forced an education upon them like no other. I'd love to meet like minded african american women, and REALLY talk.

zophah said...

I read in "Nature's First Law: the Rawfood Diet", that all living foods are whole foods. That works for me because I don't do "complicated". I'm presently only 50% raw, pretty much fruits, and salads. I believe that lifestyle changes are necessary,and as I change mine, I will more comfortably and permanently give up my "addictions". I'm already into a little meditation, tai chi, exercise. I've been adapting a 4th dimensional view on relationships (, which has aided in my peace of mind tremendously. And made it easier to reject my favorite cooked and processed foods.

paulraw said...


there's an interesting event happening in Hawaii this November.

the Raw Games

Saudade Stranger said...

Hello there! I am so glad to see other African Americans taking the Raw Path. I am a raw foodist and have actually recently started coaching people on this lifestyle and detoxifying cleanses. I love it! I wish I had gone raw a loooong time ago. I got turned on to it years ago as an alternative therapeutic method to help reverse illnesses and other physical ailments I had. It worked and I have been healthy ever since. Why wouldn't I want to share my knowledge and experience?

Michele (Athens Ga,) said...

Greetings all,
I am so happy to read other African Americans on the raw food path. I can really identify with Allison and her story. I have also been on and off the "raw wagon" and I really feel the difference when I'm off. I am currently back on and I'm taking it one day at a time. I'm learning not to be so hard on myself when I fall off. I'm a big bread and snack eater so I'm making more dehydrated breads and crackers this time. I'm increasing my greens and fruit intake. One day at a time, the journey begins with the first step and stay present in the NOW because that is really all we have.

Bink said...

I am African American. My ears would gloss over this raw food lifestyle whenever it came on TV during some kind of news segment. I never paid really paid serious attention to it.

I am also overweight. I lost almost 50 lbs on weight loss pills. Once I stopped, the weight piled back on.

I recently realized that when I eat a lot of unhealthy food my body feels weighted down and sick. I feel very lethargic and drained. I tire and anger easily.

Now, I am ready to try the raw food lifestyle. I have the juicer. It was purchased years ago. However, I am moving from one city to another. The movers are coming this Monday to move my things. I will not be able to start this life style until after February 3, 2009. I guess in a way this is good because there is so much that I need to learn.

I've looked at the pictures of the foods shown on various raw food websites and they look so delicious. From another website I learned that too much fruit juicing due to the natural sugars is not good for you. There is a lot I need to learn.

The hard part is where to start.



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