Sunday, January 22, 2006

Calling All Raw Foodists: I'm Looking for a Good Uncookbook!

I'm looking for a good uncook book and am asking for your input.

If anybody out there has a preference for a particular uncook book, I'd love to know which book it is and why you like it. Why did you buy that particular uncook book? What is your favorite recipe? If I get enough responses I'd like to compile your comments into uncook book review. I will credit you with your review using the name or nickname you provide in your comment. (This blog is located at two different sites, but all comments will be compiled and the resulting post mirrored at both locations).

I look forward to finding out what books you're looking at!


Tommie said...

I only have one uncook book and that's Frederic Patenaude's Instant Raw Sensations. I'm into 811rv and it comes the closest to being optimized for that. My favorite recipe from that book is "Best Non-Fat Mango Dressing". It is really yummy if you can get a really good mango and a really good tomato. I make it with lime juice instead of vinegar. I could eat it as a soup instead of using it for dressing. It's that good! When I got the book, I also got a booklet that Frederic put together called The Best Foods on the Planet. It has been an invaluable tool to teach me how many calories, etc., that I need as a raw foodist.

Amber said...

I know you posted this awhile ago, but I would like to also put in my two cents for Instant Raw Sensations. I love many of the recipes, especially the smoothies.

I also just got Green for Life, by Victoria Boutenko, and I think it is the best raw food book I have ever read. EVER. After reading around 100 nutrition and raw food books, I think this one is the most important.

I love your blog, I am so proud of you, and keep up the good work!
<3 Amber



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