Friday, January 27, 2006

January 27, 27 Days Raw

Today's image is the pizza from the raw restaurant. Isn't it beautiful? It was as tasty as it looks. My menu was difficult to tally nutritionally because I don't know what the Living Bread was made from. I could call the restaurant and ask for specific ingredients, I suppose. I tend to overestimate amounts to be on the safe side, so my counts might be too high today. I also substituted Ezekiel bread and Ezekiel bagel for the Living Bread). Since everything I ate and drank (except for water) had fat in it, I likely have a high number of fat grams for the day.

My main supporter through my raw odyssey, who has already done so much for me, shocked me today with two more gifts: an American Harvester F50 dehydrator (!!!) and a digital food scale. (You veterans may laugh at the food scale, but I've wanted one so I can for once and for all figure out how much I'm really eating). I'm so excited about the dehydrator that I probably won't go to bed tonight until I start a few projects in it. I can't wait to see what'll be waiting for me in the morning. This dehydrator is low tech; someone told me you can buy it for $40 at Walmart. My girlfriend got this at Bed, Bath and Beyond. It may be low tech, but it's perfect for me.

There is a temperature control knob that starts at 95 degrees, so I should be able to dehydrate at the temperature required for it to qualify as raw. Everything will be trial and error. Tonight I plan to do a tray of banana pieces, an apple and a mango. I suspect that the moisture of the mango will slow everything down, but I've got nothing but time. I also have some grapes- how can I not attempt to try to make raisins? I can't wait to take pictures of the results. If any of you have dehydrators, what method did you choose to keep the fruits from turning black? Or do you care if they turn black? And what vegetables do you dehydrate?

OK, here are today's meals. Like I said, you can't really take the calories, protein, etc. too seriously today. The vitamin at the bottom is what I bought today at the restaurant.

"BRUNCH" (I skipped breakfast on purpose so I could eat what I wanted at the restaurant).
Guacamole, 8 tbsp
Collards, 1 oz
Hummus, 2 tbsp
Banana, fresh, 1 large
Tahini, 2 tbsp
Dates, 1 date
Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Bagel, 0.5 serving

DINNER (Mexicali Pizza from the raw restaurant)
Guacamole, 8 tbsp
Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain Bread, 3
Hummus, 2 tbsp
Red Ripe Tomatoes, 0.5 cup
One 'n' Only Pure Essense Labs Superior Tonic Multiple Vitamin, 1





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