Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Raw Food Podcast, Anyone?

I’m not sure how many people I actually reach with this blog, but I’ve been interested in doing a podcast* about a raw food lifestyle and am wondering if those of you who stop by would be interested in such a podcast. My purpose is to both motivate myself and to provide helpful information to others in an enjoyable format. However, I don’t want to pursue this if there isn’t much need for it, so if any of you would listen to a raw food podcast please leave me a comment. Also let me know what topics you’d like to have covered. I plan to continue the blog regardless of whether I add a podcast.

*(For those of you who don’t know what a podcast is, it’s basically an audio file, generally in MP3 format. It can be an interview, a recording of a radio show, whatever. After downloading the file many people burn them onto CDs to listen to in their car or portable CD player, while some put them on MP3 players such as iPods. They can also just be left on the computer).


.: jennifer :. said...

I think a podcast is a really interesting idea! I've never actually heard of a podcast, but it sounds like it would be similar to like daily inspirational type goodies to keep your spirits up about your positive healthy food choices? I'm up for that!

Amy said...

Sounds cool!



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