Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Jan. 4, day 4

I became so engrossed in a video project last night that I didn’t go to bed at all! Oops. I slept a few hours later during the day, however. I had breakfast around 8 a.m. - same stuff as usual, but 1/2 cup of hummus and taboule each rather than one cup.

Around 3 pm I had a snack of watermelon, but it was kinda old so I hardly ate any of it. About an hour later I had lunch - a banana, some cherries and some baby carrots. I’m soooooo tired of taboule and hummus! This meal seemed very discombobulated- nothing is related. The SAD (Standard American Diet) has gotten me used to “building a plate” of related foods, but who says you have to eat that way? My meal was semi-filling. Maybe I’ll learn to make raw peanut butter or something in the future. Around 5 I had a snack of jicama combined with taboule and hummus. I didn’t enjoy the jicama at all.

DINNER: 9 pm I had a salad. It had cucumber, tomatoes, a lettuce mix, and raw cauliflower. I made a dressing of tahini mixed with equal parts water, with garlic, coriander, cilantro and scallions. I don’t like the texture but I got the recipe off the side of the can. I don’t know if tahini is considered raw- it probably isn’t! I added lemon and a smidgeon of olive oil to make the salad more tasty but I can’t say I’m in love with this meal. In fact, I’m blogging instead of eating it. It looks pretty…. I added raisins and then grapes in last-ditch efforts to fix it up. I suppose in a few weeks I won’t think its so horrid but today it’s just not doing anything for me.

The good thing about eating this way is that with my foods limited, I can’t find some way to wheedle McDonald’s or Pepsi into my menu. If I were counting calories I’d find some way to fit Pepsi in, believe me! With a limited menu that isn’t especially inviting right now, I eat when I’m hungry and that’s it. I hope to actually enjoy my meals as I get used to this, but if a limited diet keeps me from eating poorly, I’m all for it. Gotta do what works for you!




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