Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Jan. 17- How will I stay raw at school today?

I start back at the university today. I’ll be out all afternoon into the mid-evening and I’m a bit nervous. I have no money to buy food at school today, so I’ve decided eat “strategically”. I had fruit for breakfast (cantaloupe and banana with grated cinnamon). About 40 minutes before I leave I’ll have a hummus and taboule sandwich with a bit of extra hummus and avocado to fill me up. I’ll take a homemade trailmix of sprouted nuts, goji berries and raisins, plus an apple and a banana with me to keep me until 8pm. That should be fine, right? Wish me luck!


Amy said...

I think you'll need to eat more than what you've listed - especially at school where sitting for long periods can make you want to snack. One great thing to take along - a bag of organic baby carrots. I also like taking sliced up sweet peppers and salads - just leave the dressing (if you use any) on the side. I use a small, old vanilla extract bottle to transport mine. Another great option instead of dressing is to take a lime wedge or 2 and squeeze that over your salad when you're ready to eat it.



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