Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Physical Changes as of Day 4

1) I noticed this morning that my tongue was coated with some sort of brownish/greenish layer. It didn’t taste weird or feel strange but it caught my eye and freaked me out a little. I’ve been brushing it off from time to time all day.

2) I’m experiencing a strange form of diarrhea - it started last night. It’s more gas than anything and not very productive. And what I do produce throughout the day (when it’s not “diarrhea”) is a brownish-greenish color.

3) During the early evening I felt queasy and thought I was going to throw up. I rested for a bit and then felt better. I’m not sure what that was all about.

4) My eyes usually water for a while every morning, as if I’m crying. I noticed yesterday and today that this hasn’t happened.

5) I weighed myself this morning- I didn’t expect to have lost anything, but I just wanted to do something. I found that I have lost TEN POUNDS. WOW! At my current weight, a large part of any initial weight loss is water, so I’m off to a good start.

6) I’m in a better mood today! Not a huge improvement, but every little bit counts.


1) Still sneezing in the morning
2) Still have back/neck/shoulder pain in the morning and slight headaches
3) Skin still alligatory

I’m a skeptic by nature, so I’m not expecting miraculous raw-food related changes such as those I’ve read about, but I will be open-minded about what I observe. People talk about going through detox, which involves symptoms of illness (headache, tiredness…) and then coming out of it feeling more vital and alert than ever. I’ve read where, after some time eating raw, people’s graying hair has return to its previous color, their eyesight improves, and their skin achieves a remarkable clarity and glow. Although I’m a skeptic, I’m going to document what I experience, as well as whether things feel good or not.




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