Thursday, January 19, 2006

Raw Food Forums: Raw Food Talk.

There are a number of raw food discussion boards out there. My favorite is Raw Food talk because of its easy-to-comprehend interface. The discussions there have been friendly, although there are certainly many issues upon which members do not agree. I have always felt comfortable reading and posting to this forum. Below are some of the boards available at this site:

Welcome area (meet and greet)
Raw and Living Food Discussion (chat with others about the Raw and Living Food Diet)
Raw Recipes and Raw Food Preparation
Exercise and Fitness While Raw
Juicing, Sprouting, and Organic Gardening
Fasting (Juice fasting and water fasting advice)
Raw Food Events and Classifieds (raw food events, products, web sites and advertisements).
Raising Raw Kids
Personal Growth (Discussions of goal setting/achieving and any insights and growth gained through the raw food diet)

Alissa Cohen, with whom this site is associated, describes herself as an "internationally recognized writer, speaker and consultant on raw and living food" (from You can watch a video clip of her appearance on the Today show at We Like it Raw, another favorite site of mine.

If you are interested in looking at some of Alissa Cohen's raw recipes as presented by another raw foodist, you might want to visit Jennifer's site. Jennifer even includes pictures. Makes me want to hurry up and get that Saladacco so I can make "spaghetti" out of zucchini!

To get to Raw Food Talk, just click this link .

By the way, if you are unaware of what a Saladacco is, here is what it looks like (see below). They cost from $30 to $40, I understand. If any of you have one it would be great if you would leave comments about how you've used it and what you like/don't like about them.




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