Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Photo: Beet burger at Go Raw Cafe (that sucker is HUGE)

Today my girlfriend made all my meals again. I'm feeling soooo spoiled. I find that when she packs my meals, I eat enough. When I rely on myself, I eat very little. I can't even eat all the stuff she packs! Today she made me a salad for breakfast with hemp seeds on top, and gave me hummus and taboule with living bread for lunch, 2 oz of pumpkin seeds, grapes and a banana. I ate everything except the living bread because it was too filling. I checked out my protein content and it tallies to 49 today. Wow! The pumpkin seeds and hemp again saved the day: 24 grams of protein for those alone.

I have to say that eating pumpkin and sunflower seeds is not fun. They don't taste good to me and they're a pain to eat without dropping some down my shirt or on the floor. But I think of them as my medicine right now, and I've eaten worse things in my life.




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