Thursday, March 09, 2006

March 9, 2006

Yesterday I read an article that was mentioned on that I found interesting. A raw food chef talked about how eating non-raw foods on occasion has been challenging. I have noticed that there are raw foodists who don't like it when prominent raw foodists openly discuss mixing cooked foods into their diet. I feel that my raw odyssey is more for my health than anything. I want to remain as raw as possible so that I can continue quickly towards my weight loss goal, but after I reach it I'm not sure that I'll strive to eat the same high percentage of raw foods I eat now. For example, I really love sushi and miss it. The way I plan to make my food decisions won't be on "what a raw foodist should eat" but on "what Allison should eat". Any way of eating that feels restrictive can lead a person to "cheat," (and I've been there before!) so it's important to me to know that I'm eating a certain way for me rather than to fit into someone else's conception of what I should eat.

snuck a peek at the scale and I've lost only about 1/2 lb. It's like my body knows I have this huge milestone coming up and is going to delay it as long as possible! Just a two pound loss this week would be enough to reach that mileston. If it doesn't happen, though, I'll get over it. It's gonna happen eventually, so I'm not very worried!


Sushi- homemade, of course!
5 points

Hummus sandwich
7 points

7 points

9 points

Total 28 points


Anonymous said...

You might be interested in this book:

The author has a 5-step plan for gradually transitioning to a raw food diet. You've skipped all her transition steps, but she has some delicious recipes and recommendations for eating out. For example, although she eats 100% raw at home, when she goes out she will sometimes have lightly steamed veggies and a small piece of steamed fish. She explains what cooked foods are OK on occasion (like unprocessed steamed veggies or fish) and what aren't ever OK (anything fried or made of processed grains like white rice). It might give you something to work with as you incorporate really healthy foods into the rest of your life.



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