Thursday, March 16, 2006

Thursday, March 16, 2006

(Photo: Raw Honey- boy is that stuff expensive!!)

Wow- miracle of miracles, I managed to eat 32 points exactly! My first meal was outside of the house; I had a salad at the university cafeteria. I have to say it was AWFUL. We are on Spring break so they severely curtailed the choices, and what was left was not in great shape. We're talking carrot slices that were dried out to the point that they were turning white and curling up. Cherry tomatoes that wrinkled when you stuck a fork in 'em. Eeew!
When I got home I made myself a decent salad to make up for the tragedy. Later I went to the internet café and yes, I had a smoothie. But this time I told them I wanted it with nothing other than fruit. The guy recognized me, so that made things easier. The smoothie had a noticeably different taste without the fake sweetness. I could taste actual fruit, much of it being orange juice. I'm still fuming about their false advertising of serving organic, fresh smoothies and not acknowledging the mystery powder they pour into each one. Shame on you, internet café! My girlfriend wants me to go activist on them. I'll probably say something if I can get to the right person.

I'm happy to report that I remembered to rinsed the wheatberries three times today. (Hmmm- maybe only two times! I'll do it again when I get home). They look a little different today- some kind of slimy/sticky stuff appears to be oozing out of a few of them. Very icky- I'm not one for slime. The foam had reformed on top, but to a much lesser extent. There is a strong aroma of something, but I couldn't say what it is. It's not awful, but I wouldn't stick my nose in it! There are a smattering of green wheatberries here and there - I don't know why a few are green and the rest brown.

Before I go on to list today's meals I wanted to direct you to the Altavist translation icon in the sidebar. Although the translations won't be perfect (especially idioms like "miracle of all miracles"), they should be helpful if English is a challenge. I couldn't help but translate "miracle of all miracles" into Italian and then translate the Italian translation into English. Here's what I got: "miracle of distortion of speed of the miracles." Ha!!


Salad bar

Homemade salad


TOTAL POINTS : 32 (shhh- I had 72 grams of fat today!)




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