Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

(Photo: Kombucha Tea)

Today I was quite busy again with studies so my girlfriend was kind enough to pack me a big lunch: two bananas, a container with some hummus and taboule, a ziploc bag of her living bread, and a container of chopped up mango- even a one oz. bag of sunflower seeds found its way into my lunch bag. Isn't that great? She made me a salad for breakfast onto which she sprinkled 2 tbsp of hemp seed. While at the unversity I managed to eat the sunflower seeds during my second class. I ate the banana during a break. I ate the hummus and bread on the drive home. I had the mango late in the evening, and then a little snack of gouda and pumpkin seeds for my protein (it's therapy!). I couldn't help but be curious about my protein intake so I looked at nutritiondata.com and found that I'd had no less than 45 grams of protein today!! I was so happy. 23 of those came from my hemp and seeds, and 8 from the cheese. Yesterday some guy at the university saw me eating "pepitos" (pumpkin seeds) and went on and on about how healthy they are and how I should make sure any man in my life eats them. You never know how your food will inspire someone. :-)

When I got home today my girlfriend was in the midst of dehydrating something new- some concoction she'd made up with carob, olive oil, dates and ground nuts. It tasted like a carob pie crust- good stuff, but something she'd be more likely to snack on than I would, since I'm not much of a sweets person. However, I suggested to her that we mold her dough into little bowl shapes and dehydrate them, and then make banana "ice cream." You can guess what I'm envisioning, right? If we do it, I'll take pictures!




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