Saturday, March 25, 2006

Success with Juliano's Real Toast Recipe

Our first successful dehydrated bread:
Juliano's Real Toast from the Uncook book.

I am pleased to report that my girlfriend has made some dehydrated bread that actually tastes good! I just knew having her on the raw team would be fantabulous. She made Juliano's Real Toast recipe (page 62). She used sprouted black eyed peas from Whole Foods rather than trying to sprout them herself. The dough was quite attractive looking and smelled awesome.

The first batch she put on the dehydrating tray she shaped into perfect little "loaves" less than an inch thick. She still had a lot of dough left over for 2 more trays, but decided to do only one, just in case we didn't like it, that way she could adjust the flavors for the last batch.

For the second tray she improvised with baking paper (parchment left over from my bread baking days) since only one tray comes with the American Harvester dehydrator. After spreading the dough she used a knife to create separate pieces right on the tray. (I would recommend spreading a little olive oil on the paper and the tray for easier removal after dehydrating).

She set the dehydrator to 100 degrees instead of the 90 recommended, since it appears to run way below the temperature settings on the dial. The whole house smelled great while the bread dehydrated, thanks to the herbs and garlic. At 3 a.m. the thinner pieces that were baking on the paper were done- since I was up studying, I had the pleasure of tasting it. Very flavorful! I left the thicker ones on for a few more hours. Around 10 a.m. they were done as well.

This is one of the square pieces after dehydration- not too thick,
and moist enough to be bendable without snapping, but dry enough to not leave dough on your fingers.

Here is one of the smaller, triangular pieces from the second tray.

This is a tasty recipe with strong flavoring. Juliano says to use any herbs you want. We chose sage for one of them. The fun thing will be trying different herbs for a completely new taste next time. We'll be using this as a base for pizza, hummus, salsa, and anything else we can think of.
Thanks, Felicia!!!!




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