Friday, March 31, 2006

Thursday, March 31, 2006.

(Photo: Raw version of pizza)

I did NOT meet my protein requirement for today, but that's because I spent all day studying and doing classwork. I had a great breakfast, though- my girlfriend made the raw pizza you see pictured. It's got guacamole, the tomatoes from Juliano's marinara recipe, red onions, garlic, hemp nuts, all on living bread. She has always been creative, but she is going crazy with the recipes since going raw. She combines all sorts of flavors and textures and comes up with new concoctions or altered versions of things we've tasted. The dehydrator has worked more this week than it has since she bought it for me!

She's made two more breads from the Uncook book, plus "applesauce" (it's more than applesauce but I can't really describe it- it's like gourmet applesauce) to use as a raw pie filling. I think she'd be the perfect person to open a raw restaurant, especially because she is already the entrepreneurial type. I'm all ready to write up a plan to get her started. I'd be the perfect advertisement for it- every time the customers see me I'll be smaller. :-) (Anybody know how to draw up a business plan?)

One major difference between my girlfriend and me is that she has a sweet tooth and I have more of a "salt" tooth. She's going to be making a lot of desserts. I think I will try to make the corn chip recipe that was suggested earlier this month by a reader (I haven't forgotten!) Chips will be great with guacamole.

Hey- I just realized I've complete THREE months on my Raw Odyssey! What a journey it has been. I believe I have stalled a bit on the weight loss, but a pair of pants that I could barely pull up in January are wearable this week, so I know things are happening size-wise.

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