Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Another Raw Podcast- I love this one!

Today I listened to a new raw podcast that I really enjoyed. The host, Shelley Abegg, produces the podcast with writer Jane Nelson. Shelley found out several years ago that she had breast cancer, and learned from a friend about possibility of a cure through a raw food diet. She began to experiment with recipes and eventually amassed a collection of them, which she has since combined into a raw food recipe book. Her podcasts introduce us to Shelley and Jane, and give some background information about her journey. What I like about the two podcasts is that they are down-to-earth, use plain English, and don't include what I think of as "rah-rah hype." She is certainly enthusiastic, but I felt that she was speaking from her heart and with sincerity about her experience and her desire to share what she has learned. I liked how she explains, albeit briefly, the concept of acidity and alkalinity. I hope that a future podcast will go into depth about these concepts and how she incorporated them into her health routine.
Happy listening!




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