Monday, March 20, 2006

Monday, March 20th 2006

(Photo: the living bread before dehydrating)

I got some pain pills when I went to the E.R. last Fall for a flare-up of my ovarian cyst pain. Since the pains have been back recently, I broke down and took one last night. Boy, the side effects got me all day! I felt very nauseated and a little dizzy, so my appetite was pretty much killed. This is quite a contrast from my SAD days when I would still stuff myself when I felt ill (making me feel like a crazy sick person).

Today I watched the DVD "Breakthrough" put out by Storm and Jinjee. For those who don't know, the DVD is a documentary about the benefits of a raw food lifestyle, with Storm and Jinjee's family serving as role models. Everyone in the family looks very fit and healthy, and Storm appears to be a jack of all trades- craftsmen, athlete, musician, etc. etc. Jinjee looks fabulous after having children- congratulations to both of these talented, creative people. Their house looks fabulous and perfectly suited to their goal of living close to nature. I would love to live as they do. I especially liked the DVD's segments about family members who lost weight and became fit eat raw. I hope that Storm and Jinjee produce another DVD that focuses on topics they couldn't get to on this one, such as their food routine- what they eat, how much they eat, how long it takes to prepare meals, what they spend, etc. Overall, for a homemade project by people who are not cinematographers, Storm and Jinjee have done a pretty good job bringing the raw food lifestyle to the general public.

Next, I watched The Raw Vegan DVD, also available by Storm and Jinjee. I liked that one even more than Breakthrough- it is a "video magazine" (a format that really intrigues me) that goes into great detail about several topics, such as exercise, a raw food rereat, and a few other matters. I would be interested in future Raw Vegan DVDs, as well. A big thanks to Ren for lending me her DVDs! Anyone interested in these DVDs can visit

And now I come to the story of the living bread. When I woke up this morning the bread was dehydrating away, crisp on the top and sides, but still pasty and thick on the insides. Nowhere close to being done. I think my dehydrator must heat to a much lower temperature than indicated by the dial. Now, if that were my only problem turning up the heat would have been the solution -but that smell! It was so awful, and because I was already queasy I truly couldn't take it. I did a little internet research and found that the cheesy smell might indicate spoilage so I ended up tossing the whole thing down the garbage disposal. Now I'm looking for a different way to sprout the wheatberries.

TODAY'S MEALS (Too queasy to eat much)







chubbiegirl said...

if a raw cracker type thing could do the job try processing some frozen corn into a dough. then add ground flaxsees, whole flaxseeds, a little olive oil, minced nuts, cilantro, hot peppers, red peppers, carrots, nama shoyu, and cumin. spread it out on a dehydrator sheet and dehydrate until really crunchy. they're delish. let me know if you need more info.

Allison said...

That's a great idea- I've been looking for something I can use with guacamole. Yum!!



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