Friday, March 24, 2006

Thursday, March, 23

(Photo: my yummy restaurant salad)

Today when my girlfriend picked me up from the university she said, "you look radiant! Your skin is glowing." I had no idea what she was talking about, because I certainly didn't feel "radiant." She kept on, so I put my hand to my face and I was shocked- the rough, dark patches I've had on either cheek for years have almost disappeared! I couldn't believe it. I felt my cheeks all the way home. :-) I really have to chalk this up to my raw food diet- I have done nothing different to my skin than I've done for the past 5 or more years. I am really happy about this positive change, especially since it was unexpected.

On the other hand, my hair has thinned considerably around the crown of my head. I don't want to blame the raw foods totally because I've worn locs for years and have had a terrible habit of basically ripping my hair apart when I was stressed and wanted to undo them. However, I never noticed any obvious thinning over the years I did this, so I am, unfortunately, inclined to believe my raw diet is to blame. So, what to do? I did a little internet investigation.
I can't be sure what exactly in (or missing from) my diet would be causing the hair loss, but some raw food sites suggest I try the following:
  • Adding protein- brewer's yeast, almonds, and seeds: sesame, pumpkin, sunflower.
  • Eating dulse or sea kelp, quinoa and spirulina.
  • Drinking vegetable juice at least once a day.
  • Taking vitamin A, B and E.
  • Taking biotin and niacin.
  • Eating greens
Since my protein intake has been low, I will work on this from that angle first, maybe trading some of my avocado for the seeds, and sprinkling brewer's yeast on my sandwiches and salads. Adding greens can't be bad, either. In the meantime, I've become good friends with hats!


Hummus sandwich

Big restaurant salad (could only eat about 1/3 of it)



liz said...

AS you're eating a mainly vegan diet, you may well be missing some of the key minerals and vitamins that can only be easily digested from animal products (meat, eggs etc).

Have a look at, if you put in what you eat daily, there's a report that tells you if your meeting your nutrient requirements - you can then work out which suppliments you need to take.

I imagine you must be getting most of them if your skin has improved lots, but still worth checking I think.!


Kristal said...

Sprouted Quinoa is delicious, and since the seeds are so tiny it soaks quickly. Quinoa, amaranth, spelt, and millet are all great grains to experiment. They have high protein and vitamin content compared to wheat, and they fill you up well.
I like to make a breakfast cereal by soaking a mix of all of them until they are tender, then adding a touch of honey, salt, and cinnamon powder. It's delcious!



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