Sunday, April 30, 2006

Down 57 lbs now!

These past couple of weeks I've been concentrating on eating less fat. This means I'm eating even more fruits and vegetables, which is good. I've been starting my days with either a green or fruit smoothie, and have used smaller amounts of cheese, avocado and nuts. I also have cut back on the nutburgers, eating them every other day or every two days. I found that I weigh 284 today- that's 57 lbs. down!

We started eating watermelons a few days ago. They are very filling and low in fat, and make wonderful smoothies. I think I ate about 3 lbs of watermelon today! That's over 400 calories, but with only 2 grams of fat. The high liquid content in is great for me because it ensures I get enough liquid- I'm still not great at drinking all my water. I can see a lot of watermelon in my raw future.

Today I started some new vitamins. They are heavy on the antioxidants, and also contain omega 3 oils. I've read that omega 3s are another element in hair growth, so maybe these supplements are a good addition to my hair-growth arsenal. So now I'm eating good fats and taking good fats in supplement form! Strange, but that's all right with me. These are the third brand of vitamins I've taken since starting my raw odyssey. Obviously I'm not stuck on any particular brand! Felicia is taking the same vitamins but takes more of them because her gastric bypass causes her body to absorb fewer nutrients from her foods or vitamins. These pills come in gel capsules and dissolve easily in water, which she needs.

This week I'll continue with the lower fat and the new pills. I hope to see the results on the scale and on my head! :-D




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