Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Today I visited a job fair right before classes. Although I had a green smoothie and trail mix before leaving, I had nothing to eat and little to drink for several hours thereafter. Bad Idea. I knew I wasn't going to make it through class because I was already getting a headache. I've discovered that often when I get my headaches it's because I haven't had water in a few hours. These headaches can also come when I'm hungry, but if I remember to try water first, sometimes they'll go away without my eating anything.

Speaking of water, it's still amazing to me that I drink mostly water these days. I used to HATE water -it was like punishment! Of course, I lived on Pepsi in those days, and everything paled in comparison to that. I'm thrilled that I haven't touched Pepsi since December, 2005- especially since there is Pepsi in the house right this minute! It's been in our pantry ever since that barbecue we had, and I haven't craved it or really even thought about it. As regular readers of this blog know, the most significant benefit I have experienced by turning to raw foods is the cessation of cravings and bingeing. Pepsi does not "call" to me anymore. No longer do I need willpower to keep myself from drinking Pepsi or eating junk. I am simply disinterested.




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