Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday, April 10, 2006.

(Photo: Himalania Sea salt)

I sprinkled a little of the brewer's yeast onto my salad this evening and I survived. However, I must confess that I didn't sprinkle that much, and I had a lot of flavor in the salad already which covered up much of the yeast flavor! I'm a wimp, but it was a good start. Next time I'll sprinkle a little more, I promise!

Right now I am dehydrating the meat from the coconut I hacked this week. I had a tough time getting the shell apart- all the hacking away in the world didn't do me much good, so I ended up scooping the meat out of an almost intact coconut using a big knife. I sliced the meat into strips rather than shredding it, and arranged them on two of the Harvester trays. The temperature is set to about 110 degrees F, because based on the dehydrator's past performances, the temperature is really probably under 100 degrees. They have been dehydrating for almost 3 hours now, and boy does the house smell good! I wish I could have this aroma every day. I will probably use the coconut in a raw trail mix, but I also want to try making a recipe I found for raw macaroons for my girlfriend. (Well, I might eat a couple myself!)

That's all for today. I look forward to looking at the coconut pieces tomorrow!




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