Saturday, April 08, 2006

How a layperson opens a young coconut

Today I thought I'd show you a humorous clip of how I open up a young coconut. Notice I said how I open a coconut! My way is the unskilled version of an actual, legitimate method. A skilled person wouldn't need a million hacks to get through the shell and then top off the experience by pouring half the water down the drain. Hey- I learn as I go!

Oh - here's another not-so-smooth experience I had today. I decided to try the nutritional yeast flakes we just bought, since I want to increase my protein intake. According to the container, the brand we bought has a "superior flavor" to that other brands and is great simply mixed with water. One scoop has 8 grams of protein. I was going to have two scoops until I saw how big a "scoop" actually is, so I settled for one, mixing it with the coconut water you saw above (gotta be better than plain water, right?). These were supposed to be flakes, but they seemed to be more powder than flake. The little granules dissolved very quickly into a thick, smooth shake-like consistency, and I took a swig.



People DRINK this stuff?? Oh. My. GAWD- it was the worst stuff I've ever tasted! I mean, it is worse than the worst stuff I tasted a few weeks ago, whatever THAT was. It even has the worst SMELL I've ever smelled! I spit out the first mouthful- and then was reminded of how expensive the can was. I therefore steeled myself for another mouthful, because I cannot afford to waste good money.This time I choked it down with a huge gulp of water. Hm -with enough water to almost drown you, it's harder to taste! I figured I could do another. I barely got that one down. There were about two mouthfuls left, but I couldn't do it. I spit it into the sink and tossed the remaining amount down the drain after it. The memory of it is as horrifying as drinking it. (Ugh, I think I can still SMELL it!)

I am going to have to find a way to peacefully coexist with the rest of that huge, expensive can of yeast, so it looks like it will have to go into my smoothies. I can hear the fruit in the refrigerator cringing and gasping. My apologies, dear fruit.


Kristal said...

Oh, Honey. Nutritional yeast is not meant to mix with sweet foods. I can't *believe* the can said you could drink it straight, and personally I wouldn't recommend contaminating your smoothies with it either. It makes a decent "cheese" substitue, though. I use it on salads or as a "parmesean" flavoring. It isn't quite the same as real parmesean, but that's probably the closest comparison I can come up with. Just sprinkle small amounts on your salads, pizza, chips, etc. I think you'll find it pretty tasty if you spread it thin. Good luck!



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