Friday, April 07, 2006

Testing Video Blogging for Raw Odyssey

(Video: Felicia's Raw Pizza)

I am testing the possibilities of video blogging at Raw Odyssey. What I have here is a rather clunky video of Felicia's raw pizza. It makes a convenient test video for this little project. If anyone is interested in the technical aspect (especially if it doesn't work for you), it is a .mov file, which I converted from an .avi file that wouldn't work. I used Power Point to create the .mov on my Mac. If I have time to get this to work properly, I'll add video of other Raw Odyssey-related adventures in future blogs. And without the extraneous noise! I may go back to some previous posts and upload videos as well, since some of my photos are from videos I'm making of my odyssey to health. I love technology, especially those related to communication.





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