Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

(Photo: guacamole with Chef Felicia's dehydrated jalapeno corn chips.)

These grad student hours are killing me! I ate my breakfast (a salad) in the car again on the way to classes. At the university I had about 2 oz. of pumpkin seeds and a banana. At home I had a nice treat- guacamole with the corn chips my girlfriend made in the dehydrator. The chips were good, but there were two things we want to adjust for next time: they cracked easily when we used them with the guacamole, and they were too sweet for our taste. Next time she'll probably adjust them by using corn that isn't the sweet variety, and will make the layer -or the puree itself- thicker. I'd like to add a little raw cheese to them, too!

Felicia's flax seed crackers came out GREAT. They are crunchy and full of flavor from the garlic and whatever else she threw in. According to nutritiondata.com, flaxseed is a relatively good source of protein for me, having 5 grams per oz. By weight, pumpkin, hemp and sunflower seeds have more protein, but flax is a great way to add variety, and those crackers taste way better than a handful of sunflower and pumpkin seeds. We could make crackers out of all those seeds together - I've seen bars like that at Whole Foods.

That's all for now! Time for bed.




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