Monday, April 24, 2006

Monday, April 24, 2006

Today I thought I'd eat less fat than I have been. I've been at around 287 for awhile, and since I'm not tracking everything I eat, it could be that I'm consuming too many calories or too much fat. Since I was having a nut burger for lunch (high in fat), I had a fruit smoothie for breakfast and another for dinner. I ran out of greens to use for a green smoothie so I tried putting a cucumber in one of them. It wasn't bad because cucumbers are mild, but I definitely detected a "green" taste in the smoothie. My second smoothie had coconut water in it. I love coconut water so much I wish I could drink it everyday. The only reason I don't is because I don't know what to do with the meat! I hate to waste it. Does anyone have any coconut meat recipes? I don't just want to eat dehydrated slices all the time (although those are yummy).

On my blog's mirror site I got a couple of responses to the nut burger post. One person asked why we soaked the nuts and seeds. Well, Juliano says in his Uncook Book that he soaks nuts simply to achieve a creamy texture when blending. He doesn't mention nutrients or digestion. And about the black beans: we bought them already sprouted from Whole Foods, so they were soft enough to use without soaking them.

And hey- thanks for the kind comments! I'm happy to know my raw food adventures are motivating and helpful to other people.


Jenn said...


for the coconut meat, i just tried a recipe from ... coconut cream sauce. it makes a nice portion for a few days. it was awesome with fruit! i dipped banana in it. i assume it would go well with ANY fruit or dessert as well. you can also just add the meat to your smoothies or even to some crackers. i found a recipe for a coconut cream pie as well which i would like to try. it requires frozen coconut so i assume you could just scoop up all your coconut meat and freeze it until you have enough for a bigger recipe.

Anonymous said...

About what to do with coconut meat- don't let it go to waste! It's good stuff- I got introduced to the raw food lifestyle by such books as "The Raw 50" by Carol Alt and "Ani's Raw Food Kitchen," by Ani Phyo. They both include great information on coconuts, as well as great recipes on how to use their meat. They include some cheesecake recipes (Ani calls it "cheeze," to distinguish it from its non-vegan original counterpart)and other items such as brownies and tarts (mostly desserts). Even if you don't like eating straight coconut meat (I do; it's just that it's hard to chew and just does not go as fast as the awesome coconut water), you will find that there are many things that the experienced raw chefs can teach you about making it more fun. Better yet, many of the recipes are freezer-friendly, so that the items are conveniently on hand and won't rot. Good luck!



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