Monday, April 03, 2006

Monday, April 3, 2006.

(Photos: corn mixture for chips, flax seed mixture for crackers, dough for living bread)

he's at it again. She's dehydrating three different kinds of bread/crackers/chips at the SAME TIME. (Note to Chubbiegirl- she's doing your corn chip suggestion). She put jalapenos in it, too. I can't wait to taste them because,as they say in the black vernacular, "she stuck her foot in it!" I'm in for some tasty treats tomorrow.

Today I had a salad for breakfast (with 10 grams of protein from hemp seeds), a hummus and taboule sandwich for lunch, and sushi for dinner. For the sushi I made the carrot croquette recipe I learned at Go Raw, but added garlic. I know I had LOTS of calories today because of the ground sunflower seeds in the recipe, but I also got a good amount of protein with them.

One thing I now know is that my food processor is a little...shall we say, cheap? I couldn't grind everything down to a fine enough texture to make the croquette recipe as smooth as the Go Raw people do. Luckily(sort of), somebody-whose-name-shall-not-be-mentioned broke the top part of the food processor -like I said, it was cheap. So now, dangnabbit, we have to get a new one! The next one will be bigger and badder.

I've posted the "before" pictures of the foods my girlfriend is fixing. Tomorrow (or the next day) I'll post the afters. I'm especially looking forward to the corn chips. Mmmmmmmm.




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