Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Contemplating Edamame

(Photo: jalapenos)

I am down to 285 this morning- yaay! I tried to keep down the fat content again today by having a salad for breakfast, fruit for lunch and a hummus wrap for dinner. I had a little feta cheese -not raw!- because it was cheaper than raw cheese and I wanted some easy protein. We've been actually thinking of buying tofu so I can get my protein, although I've heard such bad stuff about it. Then we found a recipe for making our own tofu in the Raw Truth cookbook by Jeremy Safron. It calls for soaking soybeans and rinsing them several times, etc. etc. From what I read in nutritiondata.com, 1/2 of a cup of sprouted, raw soybeans has 5 grams of protein. 1/2 of a cup of green raw soybeans (must be edamame) has 17 grams of protein- WOW! I'll have to check to see which soybeans can be used to make tofu. I know some people eat edamame like candy so I guess I could put them in salads, too. Of course, now I wonder if edamame is safe.

This is a short post but I've got to go to bed!



Jenn said...


I used to make Edamame Hummus (since you seem to love hummus that would be a great idea!) the recipe came from cookinglight.com i think. if you would like it let me know i will try to find it. it was DELICIOUS and low fat... i used the frozen edamame. i assume they have to be cooked first though.. but if you allow some cooked in your meals, i am sure this isnt bad. i personally preferred the edamame hummus to the regular one. it is kind of bright green once its made!



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