Saturday, April 01, 2006

April Fool's Day 2006

This is a short post because my browser crashed and I'm not going to repeat all that typing!
Tsis is a short summary of my latest month eating raw. First, I lost between 7 and 10 lbs this month. I'd been losing twice that much weight per month for the first couple of months, but I slowed down considerably in the past few weeks. I'm happy with 2 lbs a week, but of course it would be great to lose 15 a month. My main concern is that I remain healthy, though. I don't want to reach my goal weight all week and sickly!

Speaking of sickly, I have decided to make an effort to see that nutritionist this month. I have put most of my energy lately into studying, losing hours of sleep and experiencing enough stress to actually feel ill. Stress and lack of sleep can cause hair loss and weight gain (great!) I hope the nutritionist can help me with the food part of my problems, since I'm not getting enough protein and other nutrients. Unfortunately, the stress part will probably continue until the end of the semester.

My other goal for April is to increase the amount of exercise I get. I traded my wheely bag for a backpack and have gotten a workout walking across campus with that heavy thing. I may even hit the gym a few times, who knows? Spring is here and I want to enjoy the great outdoors by having the stamina to do a lot of walking.

OK- that's it! Short and sweet. Dont' forget to change your clocks, daylight savings people




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