Sunday, April 23, 2006

Is there a Food Pyramid for Raw Foodists?

I've been looking for a food pyramid for raw foodists. As some of you know, David Wolfe, of "Nature's First Law," has developed such a pyramid; he calls it the sunfood triangle, and it consists of three food groups: leafy greens, plant fats and fruit sugars. Wolfe's book, "The Sunfood Diet Success System: 36 Lessons in Health Transformation" details his system, which he said will lead every raw foodist to optimum health. I do not own this book, so if anyone does and would like to comment on it, I would be interested in your thoughts. According to some of the reviews on, readers like that the book focuses on natural foods and puts less emphasis on equipment such as dehydrators, or on long preparation times. The major non-positive comments center mostly around the author's ego (which isn't surprising as he calls himself the world's foremost authority on raw foods), his poetry, and his selective use of the Bible to support his claims.

Although I'm not ready to shell out $40 for his book (expensive!!), I'd probably take it out of the library to have a look at it.


If you haven't listened to Raw Vegan Radio's two-part interview with Wolfe, you might want to take a look at the sidebar to the right and click on the Raw Vegan Radio link. The interview is pretty interesting and helps you get to know how Wolfe thinks.




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