Monday, May 01, 2006

May 1st, 2006: Beginning My 5th Month Raw

Four months living a raw lifestyle has really gone by quickly! I can still remember individual weeks - the week I discovered the local raw restaurant, the week I first tried nut burgers, the week I used enoki mushrooms in my sushi, the week I felt sick after eating raw cauliflower, the week I realized my hair was really falling out and it wasn't my imagination (that was a bad week)... Eventually there will be too many weeks to remember individually; eating raw will not seem as new as it still does. The fact that I'm still learning new things keeps raw feeling new to me. Taking new vitamins, shifting my menu around to emphasize different food groups, eating a variety of fruits and vegetables as they come into season- all of this keeps raw new for me.

I don't think that eating raw will ever feel "old" in a bad way, though. When I no longer feel raw is new to me, it'll probably be because I am comfortable with the lifestyle changes I've made and will feel that eating raw is second nature. Maybe when eating raw is truly part of my consciousness instead of being this new lifestsyle I'm trying, I'll find that I eat a limited number of foods- a wide variety of types of foods, but limited in that I won't need to try every nut, seed, fruit and vegetable out there. I also envision that I'll be eating less of the dehydrated stuff and more foods in their natural state or perhaps blended or juiced occasionally.

You know what I crave these days? SUSHI! It's a real craving because I've been thinking about it a lot lately. I might give in and have some ikura maki. That's the sushi made with raw fish eggs - salmon roe to be specific. Sort of like Japanese caviar. I don't think it's rice I'm craving, since I've had ikura maki with no rice. I wonder what it is about sushi that I'm craving? The salt? I get salt in my diet so I doubt it's that. Could there be some nutrient in sushi that my body is missing? I don't know when or if I'll actually eat some, but I'm thinking about it!


Drage said...

Hi! Have you seen this one Called "Eccentric Saw Sushi". It's a good recipe, although I found it messy. Congrats on your success with eating raw!



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