Friday, May 05, 2006

Nothing Better than Watermelon on a Hot Day

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Watermelon is one of those fruits that you might think you can eat all you want of, but it does have calories. I swear I can eat half a watermelon (4 to 5 lbs) easily in a day- well, if that were all I ate. That's almost 700 calories! A whole watermelon would be a day's worth of calories for the average "dieting" woman.

My cravng for ikura maki has subsided some, probably because I can't afford it right now. Drage was kind enough to send a comment with a link to VegWeb's ( recipe for sushi. I actually have made raw sushi before, similarly to what is mentioned on the page, and it's not bad at all. It'll do while I deal with my ikura craving! Thank you for the link.

I weighed myself and found I am around 282! Wow. As a raw foodist I find I have more faith that I will continue to lose weight steadily (including plateaus!) and that I won't regain the weight after I reach my goal. I can't say I've ever trusted that feeling on any type of eating plan I've been on in the past because I fought cravings the whole way down the scale. (And I don't mean cravings like my "craving" for ikura maki. I mean cravings to stuff myself with salty, fatty and sugary foods until I literally couldn't fit anything else inside me). I really feel I can eat raw for life.

I've tried that "this is a lifestyle, not a diet" way of thinking before, but I was still fighting cravings and compulsive eating binges, so it was more of an affirmation than a belief. On raw foods, I don't feel that I have to overcome any eating disorders or cravings, so saying I can do this for life means something very different than it did before. Overall, losing weight by eating raw is such a different experience that I have to shed the old way of thinking altogether!




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