Monday, May 08, 2006

I Learn Something New Every Day

Swiss Chard
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Today I learned that cashews are a complete protein. Maybe I re-learned it, I don't know. What annoys me is that I also learned that it's possible that all raw cashews out there are not really raw; that they are heated. How annoying! Actually, maybe I've read that before, too. I read so many conflicting things that I start to get confused about what's available to a raw foodist. All I know is that no cashew is going into the trash- I will eat them until they are gone!

I learned something else this week. Don't store fresh leafy greens on your counter top in a plastic container covered with plastic wrap. Unless you like fluffy white mold on your salad, that is. All those greens, wasted! Swiss Chard, green chard, red chard, dandelion greens and oval basil alllllll gone. Generally I put all my greens in the fridge, but we thought we'd try something different this time. Guess we won't be doing THAT again!

Today I had a big salad that kept me full from about 11 a.m. to 6 pm. Later in the evening I had three smaller meals: a miniature salad wrap in an Ezekiel tortilla, a snack of nuts with sea salt, and some watermelon. Took my vitamins, too.

I feel good about what I've been eating lately, although I'm sure that's mainly because I'm losing weight again. If I were still on a plateau I'd be blaming my meals, I'm sure. I really need to pay attention to why and how I lose weight so I don't change my diet every time I hit plateau if that's not necessary.




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