Saturday, May 13, 2006

I've Reached Another Weight Loss Milestone!

I'm thrilled to be just about done with the semester! There are many students who will not see me between now and the end of August, so I hope to be very noticeably smaller to them when the Fall semester begins. I am well on my way- I am now in the 270's! I tried on a pair of beige pants that I couldn't get past my hips about a month ago and I could fasten them today! I can't say they fit comfortably yet, but I should be able to wear them outside in another month.

Being a poor college student, I worry about clothes. I just went on a job interview and was surprised at the looseness of my only decent black pants. Losing weight is great, but not having smaller clothes to wear on the way down is frustrating. When I get a job, I will have to buy office attire because these casual, baggy clothes I have simply will not do! I hope I can find decent work clothes in my size at thrift stores.

"Denise" sent a recipe for greens. I thought I would print it in the blog rather than leaving it in the comments area. I think Felicia is going to try making this recipe. She said it sounds like the southern cooking she grew up with (I'm a northern girl - we never ate greens in my family).

"Wash and cut [the greens]...add oil then seasonings....3 bunches of collards, olive and flax oil to coat, 1tbs garlic powder (I used some fresh garlic as well) 1 tbs onion powder,1tbs chili powder,1bs cajun seasoning,1tbs lemon juice,1/2 tbs cayenne, nam shoya to taste...let marinate two days, tossing each day!! it's great served with chopped tomato and some red onion...let me know how u like it"

Thank you, Denise!




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