Sunday, May 07, 2006

It's So Nice to be Losing Weight Again

Garlic Bulb
Originally uploaded by rawallison.

I did not weigh myself this morning because I didn't want to be too obsessed now that I'm losing weight again. But it's sooooo nice to be approach the 270s! My parents are planning to visit me this fall, and it's possible that I could lose at least 100 lbs since they last saw me (I moved southwest for college last fall).

Lately I've been eating a lot of salads- I really enjoy eating whole fruits and vegetables lately. We found tomatoes, avocados and fresh corn on the cob on sale and stocked up. We froze a lot of the corn, but we'll have to use the tomatoes and avocados before they go bad. I don't know if balsamic vinegar is truly "raw" but I've used a little on some of my salads for a little kick.

The photo above shows one of my very favorite "substances"- garlic! My salads don't seem complete without it. I use one huge clove per salad. I had abstained from garlic for awhile because Felicia told me she could smell it on me, but that doesn't seem to be a problem any longer, thank goodness. We both use tons of garlic now.

Between studies I have been thinking of ways to enhance Raw Odyssey. Once the semester is over, I hope to be able to launch some "augmentations" to the site. I can't wait until all the final exams and course projects are done!!




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