Wednesday, May 10, 2006

It's Pizza Party Time Again

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Now that the end of the semester is approaching, people are bringing food to class and taking classes out to bars! One of my classes was held at a bar just last week, a treat from the professor. Everyone ate nachos loaded with meat and cheese, and barbecued chicken wings and drank beers and mixed drinks... And last week someone brought homemade treats to another class. Today there were two huge boxes of pizza and some homemade brownies with caramel/coconut frosting. Most of my fellow & sister classmates know I eat raw so they kinda chuckle as I sit there eating nothing. Today I joked, "someday somebody'll bring in a big 'ol bowl of fruit salad!" and the guy next to me stopped eating, saying he felt guilty! haha! (He ate his pizza, though).

I really don't feel left out when people eat like that, though. I don't expect them to bring me food I can eat, either. Eating raw is a choice- MY choice- and I'm very happy with it. Despite the hair thing.

Speaking of hair, I've been wearing a wig and/or a hat for the past month. I've gotten used to it, but it doesn't make me happy since it's still falling out gradually. The thinning is along the front of my hairline from ear to ear, if that's a good way to describe it. The rest of my hair is very thick, although I've been obsessively checking it because I'm starting to get paranoid!

Well, my postings have been every-other-day or so because it's finals week and I've been working on projects for the past couple of weeks. Later next week I'll be back to my regular daily posting schedule if all goes as planned. Due to being too busy to take new photos, I've recycled one of my favorite raw food images- the pomegranate.

I wish good luck to all of you students who have just done finals or will be doing them soon!! Can't wait 'til summer vacation!!


Denise said...

here's the recipes for the greens,wash and cut...add oil then seasonings....3 bunches of collards,olive and flax oil to coat,1tbs garlic powder(I used some fresh garlic as well) 1tbs onion powder,1tbs chili powder,1bs cajun seasoning,1tbs lemon juice,1/2 tbs cayenne,nam shoya to taste...let marinate two days,tossing each day!! it's great served with chopped tomato and some red onion...let me know how u like it...denise



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