Wednesday, May 31, 2006

No mas!

Ugh- today I'm feeling queasy and tired. Last night I had a dehydrated black bean burger and it just didn't sit right with me. I've noticed that I can eat dense, dehydrated foods only sparingly. When Felicia first made nutburgers I loved them and ate them every day for a little while, then suddenly I couldn't eat them anymore! I looked at them longingly, knowing I just couldn't put that "heaviness" into my system. At first I thought I was just tired of them because I'd eaten them for so many days in a row, but with this black bean burger, I am really seeing how density and deep flavoring can be overwhelming.

When I ate SAD I loved foods that were full of flavor, like Middle Eastern, Mexican and African foods. Only certain Indian foods would make me feel queasy like this because they were packed so full of herbs and spices. That's the problem with the black bean burger- it's so packed with flavor and is so dense compared to my salads and smoothies that I really can't eat much.

So today I am physically hungry but don't have a real appetite. I'm drinking lots of water and had cantaloupe for breakfast. Last night I dreamt that I was looking down onto my body and that I could see into my stomach- it was full of nutburger mixture- like raw meat before it's made into patties. UGH!! I'll be so happy when this feeling passes. I'm done with vegetarian burgers for a while!




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