Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Tried New Greens Today

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Felicia went out and bought a variety of greens, including opal basil, Swiss chard, and dandelion greens. We had them first in a green smoothie, which she made with all of the greens plus watermelon and banana. The basil gave it a very interesting, subtle herbal undertone which was very welcome because it helped to overcome the "green" taste. The fruit also helped by overcoming the bitterness. Overall, very tasty. Unfortunately, says that I did not get my complete protein from this smoothie. Romaine lettuce still holds the lead for protein content amongst the greens I've tried in my smoothies.

For dinner I made a salad with the same greens so I could really taste them. Whew- talk about BITTER! But my palate has really "matured" in the past three months of eating raw. Foods that I would have spit out last year I can now tolerate, including bitter greens. When I first started eating raw I got queasy the day I ate cauliflower - all I could taste was extreme bitterness. I haven't touched it since, but I might get up the nerve to try it again now.

Dru from We Like It Raw (who was kind enough to inform people about the Raw Odyssey post regarding Felicia's experience with gastric bypss and raw foods) advised me that he's known women who've had the same experience as I have: they initially lost hair upon going raw, but then their hair grew back more luxuriously and with more strength. I hope that happens to me! Please please please let that be my fate, Hair Goddesses!




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