Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Time to cut out the cheese?

For the past three days I've really been eating more than usual. I'm not sure why. I am paying more attention to what I'm eating as a result. I like the fact that if I eat a lot of raw food, I can easily avoid eating excess fat. Of course that means reducing my intake of avocados and nuts, as well as the raw milk cheeses. I'm thinking of getting rid of the cheese altogether, since dairy isn't really "natural"- maybe I'll have even more improvements to my health by cutting it out. I still want to try tofu, though, even though that isn't any more natural than cheese. I had a few pieces at a salad bar the other day and it wasn't too bad. I've had tofu before, but I always thought of it as "diet food" for losing weight. Now I'm thinking of it as a source of protein and something to replace the cheese with.

I got a little excercise walking around town today. It was very hot- around 100 degrees. Very hot weather often tires me out, so I try to imagine my body burning extra calories trying to stay cool (I've read that this is what happens). If hot weather causes me to burn additional calories, then I should be motivated to get out a little each day even when it's 100 degrees, as long as I have my water and don't overexert myself. Still haven't made it to the gym even though I have a free pass. Lazy, lazy, lazy.




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