Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Scale Hates Me

This morning my blender committed hara kiri before my very eyes. No more smoothies until payday. Maybe that set me up for the annoying day I had: annoyance that I'm not losing any weight. Some days I don't think about the weight too much, while on days like today I feel like I'm failing. I would have loved to be approaching a 10-lb loss by my mid-July trip to San Diego, but no way is that going to happen now. My friends tell me I'm probably gaining muscle, or I'm probably getting smaller without it showing on the scale. Yes, those things happen but they aren't happening to me. My clothes don't feel any looser, and I don't see any evidence that I'm packing on muscle from walking, nor am I retaining fluid now. The bottom line is that I would like to combine the rate of weight loss I experienced from eating raw with the benefits I get from eating protein. If I don't start losing weight soon I'm gonna have to do something differently, and it might just be tweaking my diet to see if a diet like raw + fish would work. Maybe raw + fish + fruit/whey protein shakes.

Another tack I could take is to increase my exercise. Thing is, I think I'm doing enough at my current level of fitness. My goal is to burn no fewer than 1000 calories a week right now. The easiest way to do that is on the treadmill, but I have to admit I am getting bored. Interspersing racquetball helps, but I'm out of shape so racquetball is too tiring to completely replace the treadmill. I haven't tried the elliptical trainers yet, so maybe that would help. Swimming? Maybe sometimes. At night when no one can see me! It's 100 degrees at night here sometimes but walking outdoors is another option. Unfortunately, says I only burn 225 calories for 45 minutes of walking using a 21-minutes-per-mile pace. I wish I could burn more in that amount of time. I think I need ideas. Or maybe an exercise partner.

OK enough whining for the day!


TheWriterStuff said...

Do you do any strength training? Lifting weights burns calories long after you're done. Try adding that to your routine about 3-4 times a week and let us know if it helps.



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