Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Early Morning Workout

This morning I actually dragged myself out of bed at 5 a.m. and worked out before work. Unbelievable. And because I did it so early, I had the time to make myself an Egg Beater omelet for breakfast. As for lunch, it was another "business lunch" and did not have a say in the restaurant we went to. It turned out to be a very nice neighborhood Italian place.

I already have it in my head to order salads when I eat out, so I perused the salad list and chose the seafood salad. It seemed the lesser of the 7 or so evils. When it arrived I was horrified to find that the calamari on it looked like so many gray spiders hunching among the lettuce leaves. I have a thing about spiders. It was horrendous! But I forced myself to eat them because I didn't want to appear immature! I popped them into my mouth along with whatever else would cover up the texture, and swallowed really quickly. UGH. There was also shrimp, shredded crab and bay scallops, but none of the seafood appeared in large amounts. Thank goodness the dressing wasn't drenching the salad.

For my SparkPeople tally I had to find what I believed to be an equivalent salad dressing, so I added an extra tablespoon of it just in case I've underestimated the caloric content. The only thing I had for lunch that I shouldn't have was a large roll, but I was SOOOOOO hungry because of my workout that I just went ahead and ate it. It had a slight hint of olive oil, so I just called it garlic bread and listed it as half a slice.

I'm not sure I'll go to the gym every morning like that, but it worked out pretty well for me today. I felt energetic most of the day and did not feel sleepy after lunch. In fact, I drank coffee because I was cold this morning rather than to wake myself up.

I'm still short of calories as the time approaches 7 pm (less than 1015 calories) so I might treat myself to some sushi later (any excuse for sushi, folks). Yes, I'll be breaking the don't-eat-after-7pm rule again (just like I broke the no-cheese rule again!) I guess I'm just a rebel...




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