Thursday, June 14, 2007

Improvements at the Gym

Today I topped out at 3.1 mph on the treadmill. May seem dinky to those of you who have been working out for a while or are just more fit than I am, but I sure was proud! I was able to visualize myself running on the treadmill like I used to do a few years ago. I don't know how long it'll take for me to reach that point, but I'd like to wait until I get to 250 lbs just so I don't do harm to my knees. What made me especially happy about my workout was that I felt truly able to walk at 3.0 mph (3.1 was pushing it); I didn't feel like I was especially tired or out of breath. I can really see progress being made, although the scale has not budged.

I ate A LOT today. As of 7pm I've had over 1, 700 calories without having dinner yet. We had a staff meeting at my job, which normally involves ordering food. Today it was Jimmy John's sub lunch boxes. I had the #4 (turkey) but I ate the chips and the chocolate chip cookie that came in the box, too! I shouldn't have, but I get one "cheat day" a week which I rarely bother to use, plus I rarely eat the number of calories per day my trainer wants me to have per day (2,400) so I think I'll be ok. Besides, I had a great workout. Dinner will be a salad with salmon on it. I'm seeing that adding salmon to my meals has really helped me to raise my calorie count. Salmon has healthy fat in it.

Steel Cut Oats, dry, 0.25 cup
Dannon Light & Fit Vanilla, 6 oz

Jimmy Johns #4 Turkey sub
Campbell's beanw/ bacon
Potato Chips, 1 serving
Chocolate Chip Cookie

Atlantic Salmon (fish), 3 oz
Spinach, fresh, 2 cup
Feta Cheese, 1 oz
Salsa, 0.5 cup
Avocado, 1/2
Italian Salad Dressing, 1 tbsp

Calories Fat Carbs Protein
2,196 93 239 92




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