Friday, July 21, 2006

Tonight's the Night

Yesterday while I was at Whole Foods it suddenly occurred to me to look at some of their offerings for my "girl night out" (God- that sounds pathetic, doesn't it?) One of my favorite treats used to be Amy's Enchiladas- she makes a line of frozen dinners, with her Mexican ones being among the best on the market. But I didn't buy the enchiladas. It's been so long since I've eaten a boxed frozen meal that the idea of buying it was...alien. Since it wasn't Friday yet, I told myself that I should make myself come out again if I really want it. Make myself work for it!

In truth, this little event is becoming more and more humorous as each day passes. I know that I'll rent a couple of movies and have a glass of red wine, but what to eat? I'm just not envisioning myself with a bag or box of overly-processed full-of-preservatives foodstuff, no matter how fondly I recall eating those things. I think what is happening is that I truly value whole, unprocessed foods now- I may go for something from a restaurant (yeah, I know, any of Amy's Enchiladas is likely to be healthier than a freshly fried chicken breast from KFC!) Ooh, you know what sounds good? Brie cheese and fruit! I think Felicia suggested that to me but it didn't sound decadent enough at the time.

Anyway... anyone got any movie suggestions? I like dramas but not the tragically sad kind- I don't need to be boo-hooing this weekend. I like comedies, but not the "stoopid" kind, if you know what I mean. I love adventures, stories set in foreign cultures (as a language lover I don't mind subtitles) and love stories. Even a chick flick is all right if it doesn't fall into the stoopid or tragic categories.

Oh, I have to mention something. I found a video from December 31st, 2005, of Felicia and me ending the year by throwing our binge foods into the garbage can. She's tossing out fig newtons and mock crying, and you can see in the garbage can an empty bottle of my beloved Pepsi along with the remains of all kinds of horrors. I laughed my head off. I may post a snippet if Felicia is all right with it. Despite my plans for this evening, I am pleased to know, deep in my heart, that I will NEVER be the way I used to be. Maybe that's what tonight is really all about.


Kristal said...

You might enjoy "But I'm a Cheerleader"... it's funny, but not stoopid. It is pretty goofy, but I certainly would watch it again.



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