Monday, July 03, 2006

Comparing Blood Levels Pre and Post Raw

I obtained the blood test results today. I have posted only the results that I felt were most relevant to the nutritional issue I'm dealing with- my concern about hair loss. The results show that everything is normal. I was happy to find a test I had taken last August that I can use for comparison between my non-raw days and my current diet. Now, the 2005 test was taken during an emergency room visit for an ovarian cyst, so I had not fasted beforehand, as I did for the latest test, and the nature of the emergency might have played a role in some of the numbers. Still, the results for many of the tests are very similar. If any of you are nurses or doctors or in some field that requires you to understand the implications of these numbers, feel free to share your knowledge. It's amazing how much people know that doctors won't/can't take the time to truly explain to you.

The highlighted items are the ones that stood out to me the most. Oh- I didn't include my cholesterol, but it's 177- very good, and much improved from the mid-200's I've had in the recent past. My HDL (the good stuff) is 54 (if it were above 60, it would be awesome!) But 40 to 60 is good. LDL (the bad stuff) needs to be below 130 for someone of my characteristics, so this is at a healthy level as well. The raw diet has truly helped me obtain that result.

It's late, so I will have to reserve my comments about what all these tests mean until another post. I did a lot of research, though! In summary, I'm thinking I could stand to raise the protein levels, but I've read that you can't do that by eating protein, you just have to have an overall balanced diet. I also believe my calcium level could stand to be raised. Looking at all of the blood counts (some of which I haven't posted) I've also deduced that my iron level is on the low-normal side. I can't tell if its gone up or down since last year but I believe it has gone up because after the first week of eating raw, the severe tongue pain that my doctor had said was iron-related totally disappeared.
(UPDATE: my potassium level should read 4.7. Thanks, Pam, for noting that I might be half dead with potassium at .87). :-)

NEXT UP: The Dietician, and perhaps some pH strips so I can test my acid/alkalinity levels (thanks for the idea, bkrisp).

Happy Independence Day!




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