Monday, July 31, 2006

Ending My 7th Month Raw

This morning I seem to have returned to a total of 70 lbs lost- but since I go up and down, up and down, I'm not going to get excited about being 70 lbs down again. I could be eating too many calories to lose 1 to 2 lbs a week the way I'd like to, but I'm unwilling to eat less! Eventually I'll lose the weight, but it's just gonna take time.

I have a challenge coming up: a dear friend is coming for a weekend visit, and she is not a vegetarian or a raw foodist whatsoever. I don't think she even eats sushi. I'm not sure how the weekend will turn out for me foodwise, but I'm not foreseeing anything horrible- just a tad challenging. For example, it would be great to take her to a buffet, but I'm not sure a buffet is worth the price for a raw foodist since "all I can eat" doesn't turn out to be very much these days. On the other hand, I'm bound to come across some raw veggies and fruits that I haven't tried in a while (or at all), so maybe I should look forward to the experience.

Yesterday Felicia said she thinks my hair is growing back. I think the thinning parts might be filling in a little, but there is still a long way to go, making it one more thing I refuse to get excited about too early. I still wear my wigs and hats! The rest of my hair is thick and definitely growing.

Well, that's the entire update for today. Those of you in the hot weather- be careful and stay as cool as possible!




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