Monday, July 17, 2006

I Relented...

I know I said I was trying to get all of my nutrients from foods rather than from supplements, but I was at the store yesterday and came across biotin. So many people over the past couple of months have suggested to me that I biotin or MSM to get my hair to start regrowing that I finally relented. But will I have the same results they do? This bottle advertises its use for hair, skin and nails, and incudes MSM along with the biotin. The vitamins were on sale- get another bottle of vitamins for half price. Naturally I got vitamin D , since that's the other bane of my existence these days. I purposely did not get a mutivitamin because it is still my intention to obtain my RDA of nutrients through diet. If I get a multivitamin I'll get lazy about choosing my foods with care.

I have a vacation coming up- not one where I don't attend classes or go to work, but one where Felicia will be out of the house for a few days. That's a vacation for me because I get to do a few things on my own schedule and in my own way without affecting her. Over the past few weeks I have been dreaming up a special treat I might indulge in while she's away- something way off the beaten path. Why do I want to do this? Who knows- maybe just to test myself, or maybe just for the sheer fun of eating something that has little nutritional value for a change, dangnabbit! Isn't that what vacations are all about? I might try something as benign as sushi with rice (I've been avoiding rice). Or it might be... No, I can't tell you. Not yet. :-D

It may be that I won't indulge at all; I mean, if I really wanted to indulge in something I could have done it by now (when you're a compulsive eater you learn how to sneak)! But I've noticed that these days I can see a junky treat as being just that- a treat. A rare event in my life. I've come such a long way these past 6 months! I used to live on junk and considered healthy foods to be a rare treat (or punishment, if it was spinach). Now that healthy foods are my life, the less-nutritional foods are in their rightful category of rare indulgences. Joy!

NOTE: For those of you who are curious about the latest on Felicia's progress since she went raw, check out her journal. She continues to lose weight and is now looking into plastic surgery to deal with the loose skin she's acquired. (To those who do not know, Felicia had gastric bypass surgery in 2004 when she weighed over 350 lbs. This year she successfully turned to a raw diet to combat compulsive eating, cravings, and weight regain).


Anonymous said...

Be careful on your treat selection so you actually enjoy it. I've just completed my first 40 days raw (75%). There were a couple of times that I ate a little bit of an old food only to find myself very queasy and nearly physically rejecting it, if you know what I mean.

I can have some steamed potatoes and spice 'em up nice! But I totally can't tolerate heavy sweets anymore, and the bit of rigatoni with sauce I had was tasteless and definitely not worth the accompanying nausea. A toasted cheese sandwich gave me acute tummy distress.

I just want you to enjoy your treat! If I can have those reactions after 40 days at 75% raw, be careful after six months, my friend! :)



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